World Wide Usage
Knote invitations can be send and access from any part of the world. Knote gives a perfect solution for sending invitation cards through courier for your guests settled in abroad.

Unlimited Explores
Knote allows you to send invites to any number of guests, We make sure you never run out of invitation for your big day. Lets share and invite maximum guest according to your preferred list.

Customized Layouts
Knote invitation apps are highly customizable with different look and feel. We always make sure that each knote wedding will look unique and attractive.

Wedding Notifications
Knote App sends reminder notifications before one day of event to explored guests which make sure that your guests will not miss your big day.

Time Saving
Missing out details while inviting guests is the common problem we facing in wedding time. Knote gives entire details of your wedding in one click at any time and save your precious time from your busy wedding schedule.

Bride & Groom Side usage
We create the invitation App by giving focus on both the families of Bride & Groom, Which can be used and shared by both families at same time .